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Bill LeavengoodBill Leavengood, Playwright

Bill Leavengood is a nationally awarded, two-time Eugene O'Neill playwright whose plays have been produced Off-Broadway at Circle Repertory, Primary Stages, Town Hall, and the Chelsea Playhouse as well as regionally for the past twenty years. More >



New Legacy Video service, "Once Upon a Time in My Life"

Bio-Doc Legacy Films
Created by Will Knot Di Artists and Next30 Productions

“Once Upon a Time in My Life” will be an ongoing, multi-faceted video service provided by Will Knot Di Artists and Next 30 Productions, creating bio-documentaries for our clients.

“Once Upon a Time in My Life” will offer several different tiers of services, depending upon the clients’ needs, desires and budgets. Our subject is filmed in a one-hour interview sharing the most memorable details of his/her life as a form of historical preservation as well as an enduring video legacy for their families and their descendants.

The veteran creative team includes director of photography/editor, Christian Moriarty, and writer/director, William Leavengood.  Using professional grade camera equipment and lighting, the subject will be interviewed and filmed, answering a variety of thought-provoking questions about their life and times, and about their ideas and philosophies about their past, present and future, as well as being invited to talk about any unique subject the questions do not cover. The client would be provided with the edited interview on a flash drive and/or online.

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Review: Standing Ovation for St. Petersburg Opera Company's WEST SIDE STORY

... Music director Mark Sforzini and stage director Bill Leavengood have struck gold with their top-flight cast.

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American Stage Emerging ArtistsAmerican Stage
Theatre Company announces the launch of a new playreading series

2013 - 2014 Season | American Stage

For its inaugural year, American
Stage will focus on the works of
St. Petersburg native, Bill Leavengood.


Best Of The BayBest Playwright Bill Leavengood

September 27, 2005 | Weekly Planet

...But the best work by a local playwright wasn't produced here at all; it was shown up in New York at the Sanford Meisner Theatre. This was St.Petersburg scribe Bill Leavengood's Little Mary, about an adolescent virgin who finds herself pregnant with seven fetuses... More >


They Call Him Broadway Bill: Meet Bill Leavengood

Tampa Bay Metro | April/May 2005

Discover another Tampa Bay Treasure: playwright Bill Leavengood. A St. Petersburg native and a theatre teacher... More >


Best PlayrightMeet Local Artists Who Create And Teach Others How To Do The Same

St. Petersburg Times | Sept. 14, 2008

...They find teaching up-and-coming artists to be every bit as important and fulfilling as their personal creative efforts... More >



Florida Bound

"It's sad that most people aren't accustomed to reading plays the way they do bestsellers and self-help books. They'de find that a small investment of time can open up as wide and powerful a world as any novel."

David Lefkowitz, editor

FLORIDA BOUND The Collected Plays Of Bill Leavengood More >


CatMoonDoCat Moon Do takes the reader on a fantastic voyage with three cats searching for their lost friend, Seventoes. Worried, the three feline friends embark on an exciting journey traveling through magical lands trying to find their missing companion.

Children of all ages will enjoy this tale as they carefully search the drawings for hidden clues to the mystery.
More >



Webb's City: The Musical is rising once again this September

A concert staging at the Palladium shows why the legend of Webb's endures.

The hit musical about St. Pete’s famous drug store returns to the Palladium this summer by popular demand. It’s a show about which many agree with writer David Warner who said of Webb’s City, “…should be revived every year, and as a communal rite of passage, every St. Petersburger …should go.”

Webbs City 2018WEBB'S CITY:
The Musical, A Concert Version

Presented by the St. Petersburg Museum of History, Will Knot Di Artists and the Palladium.

A vivid, fast-moving panorama about the history of St. Petersburg…a heartwarming storyline that keeps you glued to the action.In the end, you care about every character in the cast… Tampa Bay Times

Written & Directed by Bill Leavengood

Music & Lyrics by Lee Ahlin

Friday, Sep. 21, 8p
Saturday, Sep. 22, 8p
Sunday, Sep. 23, 3p

RESERVED: $29, $39

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In The News

Artist Fellow 2017

Creative Pinellas is excited to
announce the recipients of its
2017 Artist Fellowships:


Returning Artist Fellows: William Leavengood — Theatre/Playwriting

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Bill Leavengood Award

Bill Leavengood joins the faculty of University of South Florida in Tampa as an Adjunct Professor of Playwriting.

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Bill Leavengood is honored as the inaugural winner of the 2015 Southeastern Theatre Conference's Innovative Instruction in Playwriting Award.

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Scenes From Webb's City, Little Mary, Florida Crackers & What Is Art. Plays by Bill Leavengood.



Lourdes of the fliesLourdes Of The Flies
A New Comedy by William Leavengood

A rollicking new farce about a diverse group of prep school girls who accidentally sink their cruise ship and must struggle to survive and create a new society on a desert isle. More>


Preservation Society Bill LeavengoodThe Preservation Society

Tensions simmer just under the surface as an affluent Charleston family hold a summer reunion at their mountain lake house in North Carolina in hopes of healing old wounds and planning their daughter’s wedding to the girl-next-door. More >


Bedtime StoriesBedtime Stories

When he receives a letter in jittery handwriting from his dying mother, a successful writer of children’s books returns home with his young fiance, only to have the demons of his dark past and twisted relationship with his mother begin to undermine his promising future. More >


Little Mary

LITTLE MARY deals with a conservative Roman Catholic Cardinal and his protégé, a progressive California Bishop, whose lives are thrown into turmoil when a 15-year-old Mexican-American girl in their care creates an international sensation by claiming that the seven babies she carries are the children of God. More >

What Is Art?What Is Art?

Art is a lovable Casanova with no other talent than the ability to lie and pass himself off as someone else to the beautiful women he falls for. But he bites off more than he can chew when he impersonates a controversial abstract artist in order to woo a French art devotee. For the artist (hence, Art) has been marked for death by the leader of a fanatic Eastern religious sect offended by his perverse, though abstract, image in the artist's work. Complications mount as a scheming art manager, a ruthless dictator, an uptight sister, a shy super, a manic-depressive sculptor, a fanatic assassin, an NEA official, and Art’s dottie, fun-loving mother are thrown into the mix. Will Art find his true calling and love, or become a martyr for his cause? More >

More Plays by Bill Leavengood >


Professional Recommendations

Clark Middleton - Stage, Film, TV Actor - " I have worked and enjoyed a friendship with Mr. Leavengood for 21 years, and greatly admire him as a playwright, teacher and friend. His plays always give actors the possibility for emotional and instinctual depth, both during the rehearsal process and in performance, in that they invariably explore brave new worlds rife with humanity. It is a privilege to perform in his plays knowing that you will always be a rich component in the story telling experience. I feel his plays challenge us with style, theatricality and honesty.

Ron Orbach - Broadway, Film, TV Actor - I can say without hesitation that I am a huge fan and that I have a great belief in his talent as a playwright.
It is not only that he possesses enormous skill as a writer--that he writes with tremendous intellect and erudition, that he is equally as skilled with clever wit as he is with gut wrenching angst; he also has an uncanny and immense range insofar as subject matter. Of the handful of his works that I know there is a classical farce (WHAT IS ART?), a science-fiction melodrama (THE HEAD), an Albee-esque psychological family thriller (BEDTIME STORIES), and perhaps his most accomplished work of all, LITTLE MARY. LITTLE MARY is an all too chillingly real dramatic fantasy about a modern day immaculate conception, a broad canvas piece that deals with issues as wide-ranging as overpopulation, world hunger, racism, global warming, and faith and politics in the Catholic Church, particularly as it concerns the ascension of a new Pope (rather current heady stuff given recent news). In addition, he is a great collaborator, who is a pleasure to work with. He is able to stick to his guns and maintain his integrity about those things he believes in, and yet he remains wonderfully open and unsentimental about his work, so that rewriting passages or even entire scenes is something he will willingly do (and with blazing speed and efficiency) if he is convinced that it will improve his play. He has the sensibility of both a poet and a showman, which is a rare combination indeed.

Paul Wilborn, Executive Director, Palladium Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL - "Bill Leavengood is, quite simply, a treasure here in our theatre community. He's a playwright and director with first class talent and a national reputation. He is also an audience favorite."