Text from the book:

Four Cats lived happily in the Sea Green House with the woman who feeds them.

Seven Toes, the old gray cat, had been rescued from the animal shelter on a sudden whim.

Vanna White, the lazy bed-cat, had been bought at a fancy pet store in the new mall.

Cat Moon DoBut one night, Seven Toes did not come back inside the Sea Green House. Nor was he meowing at the door the next morning. His friends searched high and low, but Seven Toes was nowhere to be found...

To find out what happened to Seven Toes and his friends you will have to buy the book.

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Intro from the book:

"There is a question mark I keep in a box, With locks and locks and locks and locks"

Every drama should be a kind of mystery in which audiences are not "told," but rather are given a myriad of clues which lead them to deductions about the characters...

Purchase A Copy Now $19.95 plus $3.98 shipping and handling

To purchase a copy -contact us via email billleavengood@yahoo.com

Bill Leavengood is a two-time Eugene O’Neill playwright, alumus of Circle Repertory and author of 19 full-length plays, 20 one acts, 5 books for musicals, 4 novels for young adults, and 11 feature length screenplays


Cat Moon Do Book

Cat Moon Do

Cat Moon Do takes the reader on a fantastic voyage with three cats searching for their lost friend, Seventoes. Worried, the three feline friends embark on an exciting journey traveling through magical lands trying to find their missing companion.

Children of all ages will enjoy this tale as they carefully search the drawings for hidden clues to the mystery.



In a story for all ages, a different breed of cat

Jon Wilson | St Pete Times

Two friends with local roots collaborate on Cat Moon Do, an imaginative children's book about the secret world of pets....

...Leavengood wrote the story. He is better known as a playwright (though he has ghostwritten a Hardy Boys juvenile thriller) ... More>




Florida Bound


Florida Bound

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Florida Crackers...
"The play looks and feels lived in... the dialog quivers with life.

John Simon | New York Magazine

What Is Art?
"William S Leavengood generously and often imaginatively stuffs his play with the stuff of farces. He has a particular fondness for outrageous word play... With great flair, Leavengood piles on the comic misunderstandings, the goofy characters, the sight gags, the frantic action and the mischievous word play.

Eugene Marino | Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

17 Black
"This is a facinating play... Bill has pinpointed the morality of our society into the morality of our early education. In doing that, he has approached a central subject. Ultimately at the end of the play we see ourselves in it.

Lloyd Richards