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The Musical:

Webb's City

(flexible cast 18-45)

Five decades of the American dream in the story of one man. Talking mermaids, dancing chickens, dollars bills for 99 cents. J.E. “Doc” Webb was known as the “P.T. Barnum of retail.” The visionary entrepreneur opened a tiny drug store on the edge of the St. Petersburg, Florida ghetto in 1927 and turned it into a 77 store conglomerate covering nine city blocks. Long before there
were shopping centers, malls or Walmarts, there was Webb’s City.

The unique and moving story of the booms and the busts of the man and the American Dream in the mid-20th century. For Reviews and more >


Bill Leavengood is a two-time Eugene O’Neill playwright, alumus of Circle Repertory and author of 19 full-length plays, 20 one acts, 5 books for musicals, 4 novels for young adults, and 11 feature length screenplays

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The Plays:


MONEYMAKER is about the moral, ethical, economic, and racial struggles of a vivacious young non-profit arts organization director, her artist fiancé, a young homeless woman she takes in, and the ultra-wealthy board member who “loves” her and is the major financial supporter. A drama about the perversion of capitalism in every strata of today’s American society.



The epic story of one of the most influential men in history, his adventures, discoveries, and lifelong relationship to Emma Wedgewood, his loving and loyal wife who stood by her husband through it all and to the end, despite being a devout Christian.





Mean Girls and Geeks meet Lord of the Flies in this outrageous comedy about six prep school girls on their senior cruise who accidentally sink their ocean liner and end up stranded together on a deserted island. Read a sample scene from Lourdes Of The Flies or to request a copy. More>




THE HEAD (Cast: 6m, 1f)

The disembodied head of a brilliant scientist, kept alive by an automated system of his own invention, must use his wits and cunning to take vengeance after a botched kidnapping leaves his lover dead, and his he and his lover’s “beard” wife captives in his secret underground laboratory in the English countryside.


AMERICAN ROAD (Cast: 2m, 2f)

A jaded young actor doing children’s touring theatre in Maine, an outside artist in a Memphis ghetto, a 60- year-old following the tour of the Grateful Dead and a young woman stranded in a truck stop parking lot doing sexual favors to make enough money to escape her abusive husband. Four stories about 4 diverse Americans at a crossroads whose lives and journeys all intersect in a fifth story on the American Road.

What Is Art?WHAT IS ART? (6m, 4f)

Art is a lovable Casanova with no other talent than the ability to lie and pass himself off as someone else to the beautiful women he falls for. But he bites off more than he can chew when he impersonates a controversial abstract artist in order to woo a French art devotee. For the artist (hence, Art) has been marked for death by the leader of a fanatic Eastern religious sect offended by his perverse, though abstract, image in the artist's work. Complications mount as a scheming art manager, a ruthless dictator, an uptight sister, a shy super, a manic-depressive sculptor, a fanatic assassin, an NEA official, and Art’s dottie, fun-loving mother are thrown into the mix. Will Art find his true calling and love, or become a martyr for his cause?

Read a sample scene from What Is Art? or to request a copy. More>


Preservation Society


(3m, 3f)

Tensions simmer just under the surface as an affluent Charleston family hold a summer reunion at their mountain lake house in North Carolina in hopes of healing old wounds and planning their daughter’s wedding to the girl-next-door.

Read a sample scene from The Preservation Society or to request a copy. More>

Little MaryLITTLE MARY (4m, 2f)

LITTLE MARY deals with a conservative Roman Catholic Cardinal and his protégé, a progressive California Bishop, whose lives are thrown into turmoil when a 15-year-old Mexican-American girl in their care creates an international sensation by claiming that the seven babies she carries are the children of God.

Read a sample scene from Little Mary or to request a copy. More>