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Bill Leavengood is a two-time Eugene O’Neill playwright, alumus of Circle Repertory and author of 19 full-length plays, 20 one acts, 5 books for musicals, 4 novels for young adults, and 11 feature length screenplays

The Screenplays:


ZOM B MOVIE is a comedy-horror that is just plain funny and just plain wrong. An aspiring film director, Morty Sasscori,  owes the Russian Mafia $2.5 million. Morty thinks his life is saved when he convinces a huge star with alcohol issues to do “Queen of the Zombies”, his low-budget  gore-flick set in the bayous of Louisiana. But when the star dies in a freak accident before the first day of shooting, all seems lost until Morty gains the help of a local voodoo queen.



CARBOYS is a big budget, feature-length action adventure drama set in the near future. Cyber-terrorism has become the greatest challenge to both law enforcement and national security. Luxury vehicles have become so sophisticated that they drive themselves. Trip Wells is a High-tech Vehicle Reclaimer or “Carboy”, a member of a rugged and elite group whose job is to hunt down and recover the multimillion dollar luxury vehicles for Bratton Technologies, the manufacturing conglomerate that created them. It’s a dangerous job. The
car’s computer brains have been infected, turning them into killing machines bent on self-preservation and mayhem.

When Megan Mirantz, a company woman, joins the team to evaluate its viability, Trip and Megan begin to uncover a grand scheme being perpetrated by Bratton Technologies to clandestinely hold the world for ransom and propel its profits into the stratosphere. Trip’s job just went from dangerous to downright deadly.



A young man has finally found success having just sold his life story as a child gambling prodigy to the movies. Now, he is eloping with the girl he loves. But when he returns to Las Vegas for his wedding on Christmas Eve, fate puts he and his fiancé back into the very casino hotel room where he spent his strange childhood.



A top L.A. homicide detective and his partner amuse their poker buddies by playing “Perfect Murder” in which they use their vast knowledge to plot the phantom murders of well-known people. When one unpopular poker player turns up murdered by the exact means drawn out by the detective, he must uncover the murderer and exonerate himself, delving into the dark secrets of his “buddies” and their “friendly game”.



Controversial community leader and attorney Jack Lebarron is the darling of the Christian right in Georgia, renowned for his panache to create “events” that draw national attention and further the fundamentalist agenda. When his daring and ambition entice him to pursue a scheme to purchase a life insurance policy for his unborn baby, he throws himself and his earnestly devout wife into a dangerous circus populated by both his enemies and his fanatic supporters.



After a nuclear catastrophe, a high-powered, self- serving American CEO doing business in the Middle East is forced into duty as a humanitarian hero when he is discovered to be a “Rad”, one of a handful out of millions who is highly immune to the effects of radiation and capable of returning to the radioactive wasteland to avert an even greater disaster.



An Orlando talent agent must face the repressed past she has tried to bury when she goes on a wild road trip to Key West in order to keep her manic depressive sister from marrying a stranger she has picked up along the road. Soon, the agent begins to realize there is something terribly wrong with the charming, but aloof stranger who may or may not be a serial killer on a cross country killing spree.



(Feature-Length Pilot and Series concept) strikes fear in the spirit of The Night Gallery and Tales of the Unexpected. The thought-provoking series captivates viewers with stories of murder, suspense and horror in which man is pitted against man, nature and the supernatural. In each tale, a sudden “chill wind” rises out of nowhere -- marking the beginning of the protagonists' hellish journey into dark and deadly places that will terrify viewers.