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Lourdes Of The Flies


A New Comedy by William Leavengood

A rollicking new farce about a diverse group of prep school girls who accidentally sink their cruise ship and must struggle to survive and create a new society on a desert isle.

Hanna, the acid-tongued Homecoming queen and prom committee chair, quickly splinters off into her tribe of popular girls and wannabes, while Lourdes, a heavily medicated, highly resourceful young woman is left behind with the other outcast-a-ways. Away from “civilization”, Lourdes begins to regain her personality and confidence, transforming into an able leader of women. However, greater complications arise when other survivors wash ashore: Billy Tweetwhistle, the once unpopular boy now the only male within five hundred miles; Mrs. Clincher, the harsh disciplinarian Assistant Headmistress, rewired after a blow to the head to believe she is the eighteen-year-old bi-sexual nymphomaniac she once was; and a mysterious one-legged pirate who says “Arr!”.