What Is Art?

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WHAT IS ART? (6m, 4f)

Art is a lovable Casanova with no other talent than the ability to lie and pass himself off as someone else to the beautiful women he falls for. But he bites off more than he can chew when he impersonates a controversial abstract artist in order to woo a French art devotee. For the artist (hence, Art) has been marked for death by the leader of a fanatic Eastern religious sect offended by his perverse, though abstract, image in the artist's work. Complications mount as a scheming art manager, a ruthless dictator, an uptight sister, a shy super, a manic-depressive sculptor, a fanatic assassin, an NEA official, and Art’s dottie, fun-loving mother are thrown into the mix. Will Art find his true calling and love, or become a martyr for his cause?

L to R: Dennis Cockrum, Joel Polis, Wally Dunn & Claire Wren in "What Is Art?" Geva Theater - Rochester NY - May 1993

Photo Credit | John Widman

Geva's Production of "What Is Art?" 1993

Photo Credit | John Widman